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  • Why is there no drinking water tap on the Bike Cleaner to fill your water bottle?
    In spring and summer, when the weather is dry for several weeks, the Bike Cleaner is sometimes not used for days in a row. We are then afraid that if we add a drinking water tap, we will also have to test whether the drinking water does not contain bacteria such as legionella. That entails too many costs and risks.
  • Why does a hose down cost €2.20 or €2.70? Water hardly costs anything, right?
    Although the Bike Cleaner system has been kept as simple as possible, there is more to it than you might initially think. In particular, the investment in the Bike Cleaner column with all the technology in it, such as frost protection and the pay terminal, is quite expensive. A water and power supply was installed for the construction and the installation itself is labor intensive (construction takes 2 days of work for 2 people). There are also monthly costs for using the pay terminal. The location usually also charges a fee for us being on their property. A final cost item is electricity. Because we have to keep both the supply pipes and the interior of the Bike Cleaner frost-free, there is a kind of heating on it that comes on when the temperature falls below 3 degrees. This costs quite a considerable amount annually. In total, it is more than just 10 liters of water per spraying for a few cents...
  • Is there/are there also a mobile version(s) for events, for example?
    Yes, mobile versions of Bike Cleaners are equipped with a complete system with oil separator (for oil residue from the chain) and dirty water collection. If you would like to know what the options are, send an email to and we will contact you.
  • Can I purchase a Bike Cleaner system separately?
    That is possible, in the webshop you can see the prices for a separate Bike Cleaner and for complete systems including water drainage and installation.
  • Can I take out a subscription so that I can hose down my bike at all Bike Cleaners?
    That is not yet possible, but it is on the program to develop it.
  • Do you also place Bike Cleaners abroad?
    We currently only do a complete placement in the Netherlands and Belgium. We can deliver to other countries, but you will have to arrange the installation yourself. For information about prices and installation instructions, please email:
  • Sometimes the pressure of the low-pressure sprayer is very low, how is that possible?
    The Bike Cleaner Light and the low pressure option on the Plus use tap water pressure. The system is therefore dependent on the water pressure offered at the various locations. Just like in homes, the pressure is not exactly the same anywhere. Roughly speaking, in the Netherlands we have between 1.5 and 3 bar of water pressure on the tap. In addition, a Bike Cleaner is often located at catering locations where water is also used in, for example, the dishwashing kitchen. If that happens to happen just when you want to hose down, the pressure may become too low. If that is the case, please let us know and we will be happy to refund your spraying.
  • What is the difference between a Bike Cleaner Light and a Bike Cleaner Plus?
    The biggest difference is that there is no pump connected to the Light, so the water pressure is that of a garden hose. The Plus has a built-in pump, which means that the pressure on the medium pressure side of the column is 8 to 10 bar. Normal water pressure for the Light and the low pressure side of the Plus depends on the location, but just like at home it is between 1.5 and 2.5 bar. For your bicycle, it is especially important not to spray with too much pressure (never with a high-pressure cleaner!) and not to spray at right angles to bearings/rotating parts.
  • Can I safely hose down my e-bike?
    That depends on your e-bike. The plug connections of the wiring in particular can be sensitive to moisture. Consult the owners manual of your bicycle and/or ask your dealer about your bicycle.
  • Why are there multiple models? Why does it say Bike Cleaner Light and not Bike Cleaner Plus?
    This has to do with the degree of expected use. The Plus is a significantly larger investment than the Light. The Plus therefore requires many spraying sessions to recoup the investment. In places where a lot of spraying is expected, a Plus is installed and in less cases a Light.
  • Where are Bike Cleaners located?
    Particularly on fixed mountain bike routes and also on holiday parks and in catering establishments. An overview of all locations can be found here on the website. On (web version and app) you can see per route whether there is a Bike Cleaner available and where it is located.
  • How do I pay?
    You can easily pay contactless with your bank card, telephone or watch by following the instructions on the pay terminal.
  • I find it difficult to hang my bicycle on the hook, is there no solution for this?
    If you are small or have a heavy bike, it can indeed be a bit difficult. It is also a certain movement that, once you discover it, makes hanging your bike a lot easier. Do you continue to find it difficult? Feel free to park your bike against the column or place it on the platform (and turn it over halfway through spraying). With the Light you don't have to hang up your bike, but you can park it with the front wheel in the wheel stand.
  • How environmentally friendly is a Bike Cleaner?
    The waste water is filtered from oil residues that can come off your chain during washing.
  • It's freezing and the Bike Cleaner isn't working? No water comes out of the nozzle.
    Although the Bike Cleaner itself and the water supply have frost protection, it is possible that residual water freezes in the bend of the hose. This can be prevented by spraying thoroughly and keeping the spray head at the lowest point and only hanging it back when all the water has been removed.
  • “My” route does not yet have a Bike Cleaner, what can I do?
    You can always recommend us to a location that you think is suitable and/or alert the location to our existence. We will then get to work on it.
  • Is Bike Cleaner from Cube?
    Bike Cleaner is owned by two enthusiastic cyclists who like to go home with a clean bike and have therefore developed the Bike Cleaner. Cube is a partner in the sense of a sponsor. They make a contribution per location, which makes it possible to place a Bike Cleaner at a location more often. We therefore rightly speak of powered by Cube bikes.
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