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Our believe: going home with a clean mountain bike

Spraying your mountain bike clean, right after your bike ride, with a Bike Cleaner, enables you to keep your car and/or (vacation) house clean. Your waste water is drained off in an environmentally friendly way, and you save time, since spraying your bike later at home is more work.


  • Quick and easy bike cleaning on spot

  • Made from hard-to-vandalize materials

  • Usable in unsupervised areas

  • Frost resistant system

  • Low and Medium pressure

  • Revenue model with a payterminal or service model with push button

  • Narrowcasting possibilities/ revenues

  • Sponsorship revenues

  • Environment-friendly

The Netherlands

Do you have or do you manage a suitable location and would you like a Bikecleaner on your site? Depending on the location, there are several options to achieve this. Please contact Ralph Manck for more information about this.

Bike Cleaner advantages:

Advantage user:

* A clean bike:

- performs better

- less wearing out

- easy to go & arrive at home

* On the spot  info via screen such as:

- topical trail/route info

- commercial offers

- positive behaviour support messages (trailrespect/share the trail/say hi/be kind)



Advantage location:

- great hospitality / clear bikers friendly profile/image

- less soil pollution due to filters

- vandalize proof

- frost proof

- ease of use (no assistance needed and low on maintanance)

- revenue option via payterminal

- commercial and info messages via screen


Advantage sponsor:

- original / stands out

- positive image (we care about your clean bike image)

- possibility to be vissible at loctions wich can be hard or inmpossible to ad



- Bikecleaner stations on various locations can contribute to start biking!


Enthusiastic about our system? call or e-mail us!

0031 6 288 787 51

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