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New! Rent a mobile Bike Cleaner

New in our range is that from now on you can also rent one or more Bike Cleaners for your event!

This way you can be sure that the participants go home with a clean bicycle. Advantage of us system is that the bicycles are always hosed down with the right pressure and that there are no mud puddles caused by the sophisticated drainage system. In addition, the wastewater is 100% purified of oil and grease particles coming from the chain, thanks to our certified filter system. Never so more hassle with the municipality or environmental services!

We will bring the Bike Cleaner the day before or the morning before the event and connect it or provide instructions on how to connect. We will pick it up again after your event. Request a quote for prices and options.


  • 1.5mm stainless steel

  • Dimensions: 1150x200x120 mm

  • Support for 1 bicycle

  • All (children's) bicycles possible, mountain bikes, racing bikes, gravel bikes, regular bicycles

  • Contactless payment with all payment options: PIN, Credit Card, Apple Pay, Google Pay (if with pay terminal)

  • Pay terminal can be set online yourself at any desired price (if with pay terminal)

  • Monthly pay terminal costs €15 and around 4% clearing costs for the bank per transaction (if with pay terminal)

  • Communication pay terminal wirelessly via 4G and antenna on Bike Cleaner (if with pay terminal)

  • Analog adjustable countdown mechanism for setting the number of seconds the machine works

  • 1 spray option, pressure adjustable from 20-100 bar

  • Lockable door with quality lock

  • The Bike Cleaner requires electricity (220 volts, 300 Watts) and water supply (hose or pipe ¾”)

  • The Bike Cleaner Flex is delivered plug and play

Drainage system specifications:

  • 2mm stainless steel

  • Galvanized steel grilles

  • Including bicycle stand with stainless steel brackets

  • Dimensions 2000x800x350 mm (lxwxh)

  • Including certified filter system for 100% clean wastewater without oil residues.

  • 2 cylinder locks for theft protection

  • Rear wall with Bike Cleaner Logo and powered by CUBE (2000x900 mm)


Would you like to rent a Bike Cleaner for your event?

Call or email us! Or request a quote today.

06 288 787 51

Thanks for your message!

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