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Bike Cleaner Light - Service Package Basic

Bike Cleaner Light - Service Package Basic

€250,- per year


  • In the event of a malfunction, a service employee will solve the malfunction within 48 hours
  • Cost of parts at purchase price
  • Reduced hourly rate of €40 per hour
  • Travel costs €0.50 per km (incl. travel time)
  • Conditions Service Package

    1. Repairs exclusively to the Bike Cleaner itself, ie if the Bike Cleaner does not function as it should. Disruptions to the water and power supply are excluded, which is at the expense and risk of the location itself.
    2. Repairs concern the working part of the Bike Cleaner, the column itself (for example destroyed by vandalism) and the wrap around it are excluded.
    3. Invoicing per year in advance, payment term 30 days.
    4. All service packages are indexed annually with the DPI (service price index).
    5. All service packages are concluded for one year.
    6. Contracts can be terminated annually, with a notice period of one month. Termination by e-mail is sufficient.
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