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  • BikeCleanerPlus

    International use is without Cube sponsorship.


    Available in 4 versions:

    • Plus Pro - With pay terminal and information screen (€ 6,900)
    • Plus Pro Service - With on/off button and information screen (€ 6,300)
    • Plus Service - With on/off button and click frame (€ 5,500)
    • Plus - With pay terminal and click list (€ 6,100)



    • 3mm stainless steel
    • Dimensions: 2200x400x400mm
    • Suspension system for 2 bicycles
    • All (children's) bicycles possible, mountain bikes, road bikes, gravel bikes, regular bikes
    • Contactless payment with all payment options: PIN, credit card, Apple pay, Google pay
    • Payterminal can be set online at any desired price (or via app)
    • Monthly costs pay terminal € 15, - and around 4% clearing costs for the bank per transaction
    • Narrowcasting screen 13 inch, according to your own idea can be decorated with info or advertisements
    • Analogue adjustable countdown mechanism for setting the number of seconds the machine works
    • Wireless pay terminal communication via 4G and antenna on Bike Cleaner
    • 2 spray options, Medium pressure (8 bar) and Low pressure (2 bar)
    • Maintenance-free centrifugal pump for the medium pressure sprayer
    • Lockable door with quality locks from ABUS, including cover caps
    • A4 Click list to be completed at your own discretion (e.g. reference to catering options)
    • The Bike Cleaner needs a power (220 volt, 3000 Watt) and water supply (hose or pipe ¾”)



    • Vandalism resistant
    • Frost resistant
    • Suitable for unattended locations
    • Choice of water pressure: 2 or 8 bar



    • Monthly costs pay terminal
    • More expensive to purchase
    • Delivery time

      The delivery time of the Bike Cleaner Plus is approximately 30 days. We will contact you to make an appointment for delivery.

    PriceFrom €5,500.00
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